Like many homeowners, you’ve been waiting to do any bathroom remodeling until you can afford to create the bathroom of your dreams. Because an all-out bathroom remodel costs (on average) $8,000 to $10,000, according to, you may feel like it’s never going to happen. Well, to bide some time while you continue to save for the major overhaul, you can still do some small-scale, affordable projects to update your bathroom, courtesy of our team at Hearn Construction, Inc.

Bathroom Remodel Tips

1. Freshen up the wall color.

If the walls haven’t been painted recently and they’re drab or outdated, paint them! Pick a color that’s modern, fun, and that makes you look forward to spending time in that space. (For more color ideas, check out this blog post.)

2. Modernize the cabinet hardware.

You can change out old drawer pulls and cabinet knobs for more modern ones. You might be amazed how an hour with a screwdriver and new hardware can transform bathrooms big and small.

3. Exchange incandescent for LED bulbs.

LED bulbs offer not only the benefits of better energy efficiency but also a fresher feel than most incandescent lights. Do your research to determine which type of LED light will enhance your space and function well, and then change out all the bulbs in your bathroom for consistent, clear bathroom lighting.

4. Buy new towels and accessories.

Do you still have the towels you got for your wedding? Maybe you’ve never splurged on a new set of matching bathroom linens or storage baskets? It’s amazing how these little extras go a long way in updating your bathroom and helping you enjoy it while you wait for the big transformation.

5. Paint your cabinets.

Old oak or dark wood cabinets can really date your bathroom. If the cabinets are in good condition, choose a quality primer and self-leveling paint made for cabinetry, and bring your cabinets new life. We recommend that you choose a neutral color like a gray or white that’s fresh and modern.

For more bathroom-remodeling tips or to get a free estimate on your big bathroom remodel, contact Hearn Construction today at (765) 452-2669. When you’re ready to do the major bathroom remodel, be sure to give us a call, too. We serve homeowners in and around Kokomo, Lafayette, Muncie, Noblesville, and Indianapolis.