Tackling a bathroom remodel can be a lot of fun—and a lot of work. We at Hearn Construction, Inc. have a few tips for how you can survive a bathroom remodel and focus your design efforts.

1. Narrow down a design idea.

You’ve been browsing Pinterest and watching HGTV for months. Now is the time to focus in on a design idea or color scheme you really love. If you’re struggling to narrow down your options, then ask a home improvement expert or bathroom designer for help.

2. Choose your remodeling timeframe wisely.

Don’t try to tackle bathroom remodeling while you’re also in the middle of another project, major holiday, or life change. Choose a time of year that’s relatively free of big events in order to minimize your stress.

3. Make a plan for kids & pets.

If you are remodeling the only bathroom in your house, you may want to develop a plan for your kids and animals while you’re without a restroom. Schedule some quality time at your parents’ house or take a family vacation—even if it’s at the hotel down the road.

4. Set a budget early on.

Sit down and determine a realistic home improvement budget for your bathroom remodel. Then, you can work with your general contractor to stay within your budget while achieving your remodeling goals.

5. Don’t forget storage.

Dreaming of clawfoot tubs and custom showers is a ton of fun, but don’t forget to plan on enough storage for your toiletries, linens, and other bathroom essentials. Our general contractors can help you find unique storage solutions to your storage needs.

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