If you love your current Indianapolis home and neighborhood but find yourself in need of more space, you may want to consider adding on a room addition. Hiring a contractor for a room additions is a great idea when building an in-law suite or adding a sunroom. Room additions like this can be big undertaking. Permits, zoning and neighborhood covenants all have to be taken into consideration before you ever even pound a nail. Also remember a large part of your house, if not all of it will be out of commission for various amounts of time.

Step By Step Room Addtions

The first step to take is contacting your municipalities informing them of the intent to add on to your house. They will be able to tell you what federal, state and local building codes you need to follow during your construction project and issue the appropriate permits. More specifically, you will need to check the zoning to make sure your room addition will meet the setback requirements (has to do with distances between the street, your structure and side lines of the lot, including driveways and parking). If it does, you then apply for a building permit. Getting all of the legal stuff figured out is best done with the assistance of a professional home remodeling company. Hearn Construction is aware of all of the legal ramifications and will be able to handle this headache for you.

Once you’ve made the decision to add on to your house, spend some planning time looking at magazines for ideas. Keep a notebook on hand where you can keep notes, prices and ideas, cut outs from magazines, paint and fabric samples, and anything else you may need during the process. Decide what the space will be used for and what the most efficient layout of that space would be.

Begin to price the furniture and appliances you will need. Write them down because it’s hard to keep one stove or sink straight from another. This will help you to start to formulate a budget. A basic rule of thumb is to allow for $200 per square foot of addition.

Room additions are a great way to open up any home without the hassle of moving, especially for those with a growing families. It is important to make sure you have all the information you need regarding legalities, budget and time before you begin building. Hiring a reputable company like Hearn Construction in north central Indiana will make sure your addition gets done in a timely, cost efficient and organized manner. Call us today at 765-452-2669 to speak with a professional contractor and get your home improvement project started.