The sun is shining and the weather is starting to warm up. You may dread working inside more and more as the summer months get near. What if you could enjoy the sun while still working inside? The answer is simple, a room addition. But not just any room, a luxurious and relaxing sunroom.

Adding a sunroom to your home is a great way to open up additional living space without having to go to the expense of adding on a full room addition. Sunrooms are constructed from various building materials including brick, wood, glass and sometimes aluminum framing. Sunrooms are versatile spaces.

Sun Room Uses

Not only is a sunroom the perfect place to sit down with your laptop and get a jump start on this week’s work load. It is also a great spot to take a break from the demands of the world and catch some shut-eye. Adding indoor/outdoor cushy furniture makes the room comfortable and inviting. Sitting in the sun with a good book or drinking an ice cold drink is the perfect way to escape reality.

Sunrooms are also the perfect room addition for your children or grandchildren. Because most aren’t carpeted this is a great spot for crafts because the mess is an easy clean up. So gather the craft supplies and Play-doh and set your kids up at a table for some low-key fun, or throw a blanket over the table to let the kids construct their own fort or castle.

Because a sunroom gets so much light, it’s a perfect place for a potted garden. Add some of your favorite plants to create a mini-garden oasis. You can easily move them outdoors for watering or to catch a few more rays from the sun.

Perhaps the best thing about a sunroom is that you can enjoy all of the benefits nature has to offer like fresh morning air or a warm summer breeze without the negatives. Mosquitoes, rain and critters can’t stop your fun in the sun because they can’t get in! So get ready to enjoy nature how you like to.

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