Bathroom remodeling requires a good deal of planning. You want to think through each detail prior to knocking down walls or painting cabinets. To help you narrow down your bathroom remodeling goals, we at Hearn Construction have developed this list of questions you need to think through or discuss prior to the home improvement process.

Even if you’re working with a general contractor, you want to be able to envision and communicate the end result you desire. Then, you and the design team can work together to make it happen.

1. How do you currently use the space?

Think about how much time you spend and which features you use on a day-to-day basis.

2. Do you ever wish you could use your bathroom differently?

If your current bathroom has a shower, but you’ve always wanted to enjoy a bubble bath after a long day, take note.

3. What’s your personal design style?

Think about which colors or design trends that you’re drawn to. If you’re not sure, browse through online bathroom remodeling galleries and take note of wall colors, types of tile, wall art, and so on that you like.

4. What’s one thing you want to keep the same?

Don’t change bathroom features that are working for you! Changes cost money.

5. Is the current bathroom layout working for you?

You use your bathroom often, so you want to make sure the layout makes sense for how you use it.

6. Do you have enough storage?

Think through how much storage space you need to have in your bathroom. Do you have a place for linens and all your toiletries?

7. Which bathroom remodeling trends will last?

You may be in love with a recent bold wall color or floor tile, but if you’re remodeling your bathroom to prepare it to sell, bold is probably not the way to go. Think resale over personal taste.

8. Is the lighting adequate?

Assess the lighting—including both natural light and light fixtures. Would your bathroom benefit from increased or enhanced lighting?

9. How many people share the bathroom?

If your bathroom is your own, you may not need a double vanity. However, people who share a bathroom often love having their own space to get ready for the day.

10. What do you want to feel when you walk into your bathroom?

Okay, we know this question is an odd one, but at Hearn Construction, we work to do more than just home improvements. We want to help you create a space you’ll love to enjoy for years to come.

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