It can be exhausting to keep up with design trends that often seem to change overnight. Today’s doorless showers and minimalist fixtures could be obsolete tomorrow. Instead of giving yourself a headache trying to keep up with all the latest styles, why not go vintage with your next bathroom remodel?

Even if your home was built in the past few years, it’s simple to give your bathroom a vintage feel. Here are a few things to think about as you plan your home improvement project.
  • Claw-footed tub. The stand-alone, claw-footed tub is a classic element of a vintage bathroom remodel. If you can find an antique claw-footed tub in Indiana, so much the better—don’t worry if you can’t, though, because some companies also make reproduction tubs.
  • Console sink. Bathroom sanitation became very important in the 1910s, and sinks with exposed plumbing helped with both ventilation and thorough cleaning. For a more opulent look, try a sink with marble detailing.
  • Hexagonal and subway tile. Along with the claw-footed tub, black-and-white hexagonal tile is the hallmark of a vintage bathroom. Remember, though, that you don’t have to stick with black and white; taupe, grey, or pastel colors are just as authentic, and can be easier on the eye. Subway tile also gives walls and showers a classic Victorian look.
  • Built-in shelves. Since console sinks lack storage space, you’ll need to carefully consider how to give yourself space in your bathroom remodel. If you have a small alcove, installing shelving shouldn’t be difficult, or your general contractor can easily add a niche or two.
  • Pastel colors. Pastels were popular at the turn of the century, and pale yellow, light blue, and spring green can add light and space to an otherwise dull bathroom.
If you’re thinking about starting a bathroom remodeling project, the first step is finding a reliable general contractor. Hearn Construction, Inc. is proud to offer a range of home improvement services to homeowners throughout central Indiana, including kitchen remodeling, basement finishing, and room additions, in addition to our commercial construction services. Contact us today at (765) 452-2669 for a free estimate.