Small bathrooms often pose big problems when it comes to remodeling. You often feel limited in what you can do, especially if expanding the space isn’t an option. But don’t despair! With these few tips from Hearn Construction, Inc., you can transform your small bathroom and even give it the appearance that it’s bigger than it is.

bathroom remodeling

1. Choose a light, neutral color.

A light shade of gray, tan, or white can make a smaller space seem bigger than it is. Plus, these colors are classic and can stand the test of time and design changes. You don’t want to have to tackle bathroom remodeling again in only a few years.

2. Let the light in.

Natural light in a bathroom is great not only for putting on makeup, but also for giving the illusion of a larger space. A well-placed window or skylight can make a big difference.

3. Go frameless.

A shower curtain or opaque sliding door essentially cuts a few feet off your bathroom—or at least it looks that way. Your best solution for this tiny bathroom problem is to get a frameless glass shower door. That way, you can see every corner of the space; plus, you get a really modern, clean design.

4. Maximize storage space.

From towels to toiletries, you have to fit several necessities in your bathroom without making it seem too cramped. When planning out your storage, make the most of the space by considering creative ways to store items such as:

  • Hanging baskets
  • Behind-the-door towel rods
  • Open shelving
  • Floor-to-ceiling cabinetry

5. Select an oversized mirror.

You may be tempted to put a small mirror in a small bathroom. However, a larger mirror can be a unique decorative detail that also gives the appearance of more space. With these few updates, you can remodel your bathroom without having to add a single square foot.

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