If you have been staring at the same dull and worn out bathroom décor for years and have finally decided that you need change, it may be time for your to consider bathroom remodeling. In this constantly hectic world it may be calming for you to derive your bathroom remodeling concept from elements of nature. You could capture a forest using dark greens and earth tone accents, or you could get inspiration from a desert using different tan, yellow and brown ranges. If you have a bathroom space that needs to have a more open feel pick an element of nature that focuses on bright colors, the sea.

The ocean and beach give off a relaxing feel that has probably already influenced your bathroom without you noticing. Examples of this are when people have calming sea salts or enjoy wading in the bathtub. Now all you have to do is pull from the inspiration you already have to create a sea-inspired bathroom remodel.

Bathroom Remodeling Influenced By The Ocean

Start by using Valspar Signature Colors for the paint pallet. You can paint your bathroom a basic white shade to be a crisp backdrop for the sea blue accents. Valspar Great White Way ar 1016 would be a good choice. It’s a refreshing shade that will leave your bathroom feeling clean and fresh. If you like, use one of the walls as an accent wall and paint that wall in in a serene ocean blue color. Ocean Front ar 1226 is a shade to try that will have you hearing the crashing of waves every time you walk into the bathroom. If you’d like a third accent color for trim, check out Fashion Week ar 1024, a muted green color reminiscent of seaweed.

Once your walls are painted it is time to enhance the fixtures in your bathroom. Keeping major ones like the shower or bathtub will save you money, which you can then spend on new cabinetry or a sand colored vanity. The amount of changes you make depend on the bathroom space you are working with and your available budget.

Decorating your bathroom with sand color bath matts, a sea-blue shower curtain and sea shell shaped soap containers will help tie the new walls and fixture changes together, completing the ocean and beach look.

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