Workspace expectations have changed drastically over the last few years. People have spent a lot of time working from home, but many are now transitioning back into an office setting. To help keep morale high, an office remodel is a great option. Continue reading to learn more about office remodel trends in 2022 from the team at Hearn Construction, Inc.

Office Remodel Trends in 2022

Natural Lighting

Natural lighting is a great way to improve the overall mood and tone of your office. Many business leaders are adding windows in strategic places to help flood the office with sunlight. If windows are not an option, consider using diffused light or artificial lighting that is meant to mimic natural sunlight. Additionally, designers should take into account the light reflective value when choosing color options. Matte, non-reflective flooring and wall treatments are common choices.

Lighter Colors

Using lighter hues with a combination of grays, greens, and neutrals is one of the corporate office interior design trends for 2022. A popular option in an office setting that can make employees feel happier and more upbeat is lighter shades of wood combined with splashes of color on the walls and carpeting. Apart from enhancing the company identity, flooring color may liven up a workstation. Different splashes of color are a terrific way to divide space in an office with an open floor plan and make it easier to navigate.

“At Home” Feeling

The concept of office design and aesthetics has changed as a result of the large number of workers who are still working from home part- or full-time. The objective is to give a feeling of comfort and safety on every level to those who are in the office. Designers can include residential aspects like cozy sofas and chairs, soft lighting fixtures in common areas, or artwork exhibited all around the office to promote a secure, pleasant sense of “home” there. Wood flooring may also give a room a cozy feeling.

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