We spend an average of 182 hours a year in the bathroom. That means for almost 8 days a year, we’re spending a great deal of our time in the washroom. Let’s face it, looking at the same wallpaper, fixtures, shower curtain, and other restroom accoutrements year after year can get pretty boring.  That’s why we suggest shaking things up and making bathroom decorating fun!

There is an infinite number of ways you can personalize the utilitarian space that is the bathroom. A lot of folks go for an elegant approach when decorating after a bathroom remodel to make their bathrooms as spa-like and relaxing as possible. That’s a perfectly acceptable approach but what about those of us with more eclectic tastes?

If you’re more concerned with collecting coins and vanquishing bad guys than a trip to the spa – why not make your bathroom a nerd’s sanctuary? Here are some quick thoughts on how to translate the love of video games into your bathroom aesthetics.

Incorporate your favorite game into your bathroom’s décor by infusing different elements of gameplay wherever possible. If you love Mario, Etsy has a hand-painted toilet seat cover depicting Mario and his trusted dinosaur steed, Yoshi, on a mission.

If you want to go all-out on a Mario theme for the toilet, you could get extremely creative and paint the whole thing green just like one of Mario’s warp pipes! Obviously you don’t have to use a Super Mario Bros. motif, but with plumbing being a major factor in this game franchise, Mario and the bathroom are a perfect fit.

You can even paint a depiction of your favorite level in any game right on the bathroom wall; just check this selection of “Nerd Approved” bathroom designs.

Hopefully this has your brain working on innovative ideas on how to personalize your bathroom. It doesn’t have to be a video game or nerd-themed idea; the main point is to have fun with it! Make your bathroom more fun to be in and those 8 days a year spent in there won’t be filled with drudgery.

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