Without a streamlined design and proper organization, having a small bathroom can sometimes be overwhelming. Today, we’ve thought of some tips to help you claim back the space in your water closet with some Kokomo bathroom remodeling tips.

Don’t let the size of your small bathroom get to you. There are plenty of ways to expand the space and make the room feel bigger. The Kokomo bathroom remodeling experts at Hearn Construction have some ideas to help you turn your bathroom from a small, utilitarian space into a relaxing spa. Here are just a few ideas:

Less is More: Before getting ready to completely revamp your bathroom, take stock of everything that’s already in there. Throw out any non-essential appliances or products you haven’t used in the last three months. This will cut down on clutter and ready the room for its eventual remodel.

Proper Lighting: Lighting can do wonders for a cramped space. Be sure to utilize any natural lighting that’s already shining through your bathroom windows. If you don’t have any bathroom windows, a home improvement specialist will be able to help.

Mirrors are perfect for small bathrooms as well. Strategically place them around the bathroom to reflect light, expand space, and create the perfect illusion of a larger bathroom.

Maximize Space: One of the reasons your bathroom could make you feel claustrophobic is oversized fixtures. An oversized bathtub could definitely be a claustrophobia culprit. If you can forgo sudsy bubble baths, consider installing a standing shower for your Kokomo bathroom remodeling project.

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