Remodeling your corporate office can be a huge investment of both time and resources, but often it can add tremendous value to your business. The first step is hiring a qualified and renowned construction and design team that has the experience and capability to deliver on-time, quality work with a service-oriented attitude. With Hearn Construction, Inc., you’ll get that – and more. As you weigh the decision whether or not to remodel your corporate office, we recommend you consider these three questions.

Does Your Office Need A Remodel?

1. Does Your Floor Plan Work?

Just like a home, an office can often benefit from an open floor plan. People generally like the feeling of open spaces and not being closed in by too many walls. In an office, open floor plans create more views across multiple spaces, which encourages collaboration and allows changes to be made to the floor plan when necessary. Overall, it improves the general morale of the space by allowing your employees to get up and move about more frequently.

2. Does Your Color Palette Need Updated?

Never underestimate the value of a great paint job. The right colors can make a room feel lively, invoke certain feelings, and can even change the energy of your workplace. Many modern offices are now infusing their traditional natural colors with pops of bright colors to promote energy, productivity, and happiness in their employees. It’s also worth mentioning that working in a bright space does a lot for making the office feel fun and inviting, which is definitely beneficial for office culture.

3. Does Your Office Allow for Collaboration?

Finally, does your office encourage creativity through collaboration? Do your employees have adequate space to come together and connect their ideas? If not, it’s a good idea to give your conference rooms a boost with new furniture, technology, and whiteboards for ideas. Also, if space allows, consider adding in a few informal meeting spaces where employees can come together, like a nook with comfortable chairs and tables.

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