Turning older industrial buildings into commercial office space is all the rage right now. There is an authenticity to the style that people really like, and they want to connect back to whatever era the building is from. So if you’re considering remodeling an old industrial property into a creative office or retail space, what steps do you need to take? Our team at Hearn Construction knows that any type of industrial conversion project requires a knowledgeable commercial contractor with the right experience in industrial buildings, and we’re ready and able to tackle your project.

Industrial Building Conversions

Consider the Entrance

There’s a big difference from how a warehouse functions and what an office building needs. Because an office building deals in people, not manufacturing or shipping, the first thing to consider is how to make the front entrance more attractive and personable. Consider designing a grand doorway and a landscaped walkway to attract people to your new office space. Industrial buildings are generally surrounded by asphalt, so consider tearing some of that out to “green” the space up a bit.

Consider the Light

Things really start to get exciting when you bring more light into an old industrial property. You’ll not only want to install new electric lighting in your new office space, but also consider adding windows so tenants can see the outside and the architectural character that makes it so attractive. Often, these old industrial spaces will have very high windows, so by adding new, larger windows, you get the space opened up and make it much more pleasant.

Consider the Basics

One other thing you need to plan for in a warehouse-to-office conversion is how your building utilities will function. This applies to everything from electrical to plumbing, but it’s especially noticeable with mechanical utilities. Our team has worked on countless manufacturing and warehouse facilities and we can update and install HVAC and plumbing systems to meet those needs.

If you’re ready to start designing your industrial to commercial building conversion, the contractors at Hearn Construction will show you the many designs available in your budget, so you can make the best choice for your business. For more information about our remodeling services in Indianapolis and surrounding areas, contact us today at (765) 452-2669.