When designing commercial spaces, it’s important to be mindful of the types of people you are trying to reach and appeal to. This is especially true of church facilities, as the design of your building can make all the difference in growing your congregation. If you’re looking to make your church a more welcoming environment to cater to existing members and encourage more attendance, our team at Hearn Construction, Inc. has put together a list of welcoming construction features that are likely to appeal to the residents in your community.

How to Make Your Church More Welcoming

Gathering Space/Entryway

Your church lobby is one of the most important features in your building. In fact, it is almost as important as the actual worship space itself. A large gathering space that encourages socialization is key to making church members and first-time visitors feel welcome and comfortable. Your entryway should be well lit, well decorated, and have easy access to other parts of the church. For example, a first-time visitor should be able to walk into your church and know immediately where to find childcare, restrooms, and the actual worship center.


Another church feature to never underestimate is the importance of high-quality and accessible nursery rooms and classrooms. A bright, clean nursery space is likely the most important thing for young visiting families. They want to see that the space is well staffed, well lit, and easy to find from the entryway. This is also true for any classrooms your church has. Whether they are needed for school-aged children or adults in Sunday school, you need to make sure they make a good impression.

Worship Center

Finally, once visitors have gotten past the entryway and secured their children into a childcare room, they will want to see a stylish worship center. The shape and design of the worship center should depend on the style of worship your church practices. Make sure the design you choose aligns with your style of worship, and also be sure that the space can be flexible, if needed. If your church building is smaller, the worship center may need to be used for multiple purposes, so be sure to think of those things in advance.

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