Weather in Indiana can be a bit tricky. Our team at Hearn Construction, Inc. wants to help you make sure your house is ready for whatever conditions each season may bring. We will ensure that your home is prepared for the elements all year long.

Helping Your Home Recover from Winter

The Roof

Homes in Indiana take a beating during the spring and winter months, and your roof takes the brunt of the abuse. With the harsh winds and snow and rain accumulation, it’s a miracle if you make it through without damage. When summer begins and you start to assess if there’s any harm done, it’s a good idea to start by making sure that your shingles aren’t cracked, curling, or falling apart. Even the highest quality of shingles can fail in such harsh weather. While you’re up there, you’ll also want to check your roof for weak points or signs of sagging, so you can prevent leaks or even a collapse during rain.

The Exterior

Your home’s siding, windows, and doors work overtime during the winter and through the spring. Winter brings high winds and unpredictable temperatures that can really take a toll on your home’s exterior. And the rain and occasional springtime freezes can also do a lot of damage. It’s essential to identify any repairs or replacements that are needed, so that they don’t become much bigger problems in the future.

The Basement

Here in Indiana, we can expect unpredictable weather, including heavy rain.You’ll want to be certain that your basement is prepared for rainy days so you don’t end up with water damage. If you store anything valuable in the basement, make sure it is stored in plastic, waterproof containers above the flood line. Or, if you’re looking for added flood proof storage options, you could do a full basement finishing project with us.

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Our team at Hearn Construction hopes you use these tips to ensure your home is ready for every season. For home improvement and remodeling services you can trust all year round, contact us today at (765) 452-2669. Our seasoned crew of professional contractors will be more than willing to put their capable hands to work for you.