The design and layout are crucial parts of any commercial construction design. The feel and flow of your building can impact customer behavior, employee productivity, and so much more. Use these tips from the team at Hearn Construction, Inc. to help make your commercial building a success.

Commercial Construction Design Tips

Make a Grand Entrance

First impressions matter a lot. There is a legitimate rationale for the emphasis on commercial property’s exterior. Potential consumers will have preconceived ideas about what they will see inside based on what they see from the outside. Consider colors, artwork, signage, window displays, and illumination for evening guests when planning the entrance.

Go with the Flow

You must think about the immersive experience a customer will have when they enter your establishment through the front doors. The flow is what encourages consumers to make a purchase or determines how they will rate their experience in your facility, whether it is in retail, office, or hospitality. For instance, a well-designed office can have a significant impact on potential customers or even candidates for employment. If you’re opening a retail location, the customer’s ability to navigate smoothly might have a significant impact on their purchasing decisions.

Light up Lives

Lighting is always going to be important, regardless of what kind of commercial real estate property you’re designing. Customers will perceive a space as being smaller and less inviting the darker it feels. The best option is always going to be natural light, although some places might not have much of it. Switch to eco-friendly lighting fixtures in your office instead of fluorescent lighting. Mirrors can be placed so they will reflect the existing natural light and help the room appear larger.

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