Building a staircase, even a short one, isn’t an easy task. It requires precise measurements and careful calculations. It is argued that building a staircase is one of the most difficult do-it-yourself projects to take on. If you do not believe you are capable of finishing the project completely by yourself get a hold of your Indianapolis general contractor to assist you or at least answer any questions you may have. If you think it is something you are ready to attempt continue to read for the three basic steps to building a staircase.

Three Main Components To Building A Staircase

There are three main components to a typical staircase: stringers, treads and risers. Stringers, typically cut from 2 x 12s, are the sloped boards that support the other components and carry the weight of people walking on the stairs. They’re typically spaced 16 inches at the center. Treads form the top surface of each step, and risers are installed directly under the front lip of each tread.

Building A Staircase Steps

The first step in building stairs is figuring out the math in order to purchase the right amount of wood. You are going to need to find the total rise or overall vertical height the stairs have to cover. A typical rise per step is 7 so after you find out the total vertical rise divide it by 7. That is how many steps you will be building. Round down for your total. (Example: the number is 8.14 assume you need 8 steps.)

Use that information to find the total run of the staircase-or how much the horizontal distance it will cover as it climbs. Multiply the number of steps by the run or horizontal depth, of each step. The ideal run is no less than 10 inches per step.

The second step is to decide how the stringers will join the deck. They are either attach directly to the rim joist, so the top step is flush with the deck top, or to the framing under the deck. Use the framing square and beginning at the top of the stringer layout the top plumb cut and the last tread. Then shorten the top cut by the thickness of one riser. Continue to lay out treads and risers by sliding the framing square fitted with stair gauges down the stringer and marking them as you go. Cut the notches using a circular saw; be careful not to go beyond the lines. Finish cuts with a jigsaw or handsaw.

The final thing you to do is install treads and risers. Cut the risers to length and fasten them to the stringers. After installing the risers, fasten the treads with screws. Leave a 1/8 to ¼ inch space between each tread. Repeat this process working your way up the stairs.

Because of the different possibilities of something going wrong it is important to consult your local home improvement specialist before attempting such an intricate job. The taller the staircase the more you risk mathematical errors that would result in damage to your house as well as injury to those standing on them. Contact Hearn Construction with any questions you may have. Hearn Construction has been serving the north central Indiana region with quality construction and remodeling services, for over decade. Call us today at 765-452-2669 to speak with a professional contractor.