Homeowners that plan on doing a lot of remodeling generally plan to renovate one room a year. This year, the answer could be right under your feet: your unfinished basement. One of the ways you could make use of this space is by creating a basement craft room. So gather up your scissors, paper, glue, markers, paints, stickers and sewing supplies from your cluttered home office, and give them a space of their own.

Basement Craft Rooms Are On The Rise

Surprisingly, the craft industry has actually seen an increase throughout Indiana in the past few years, despite the economic downturn. Whether people are cutting back by making their own gifts or turning to crafts as a means of “creative therapy,” a crafting resurgence has hit the United States in a big way.

A Basement Craft Room Benefits All

It doesn’t matter which medium of craft you prefer, whether it be knitting, scrapbooking, sewing or painting, your projects and supplies have probably started to take over the house. Having a designated room for them will enable you to spread out your work without worrying about infringing on someone else’s space. The best part is that when you are finished working for the day, you don’t have to pick up and put everything away. You can leave your project where it is—ready to go the next day without having to reset anything up. This is especially handy for crafts such as sewing, where yards of fabric can take up a lot of room.

Children Love Basement Craft Rooms As Well

Not only can this be the perfect area for you to complete all of those projects you started and never finished, but also an ideal spot to inspire your children’s imagination. It can be the room where they make you homemade Christmas ornaments for years to come, or the perfect place to get school projects done.

Even if it is just an area in one of your basement corners, adding a large work table and an organized shelving unit is the perfect basement finishing project that will benefit your family for years to come. For more ideas for any number of basement finishing projects as well as kitchen and bathroom remodeling, call Hearn Construction, INC. From craft rooms to home offices to extra bedrooms, storage options and more – the possibilities are endless. And if your basement is already finished, but in dire need of some updating, we’ll talk about what works and what doesn’t, and together we’ll come up with a great final result. Contact us today at 765-452-2669 and learn more about basement finishing in Indiana.