You could have the greatest business in the world but still miss out on potential clients, if the outside of your building is unattractive or has maintenance issues. Many people are in the habit of researching companies by driving by before actually going in, and if your exterior is looking rough, they might just go on to your competitor. Our team at Hearn Construction doesn’t want to see that happen to you! Read on for some ways you could update your space to attract customers.

Updated Exteriors

Are Your Structures Sound?

We understand the weather in Indianapolis can be unpredictable; therefore, after years of wear and tear and environmental issues we can’t control, small structures can take a hit. For safety reasons, these structures should always be sturdy and durable, in order to protect yourself, your customers, and your employees. But, we believe they should be presentable as well. So take stock of your structures to look for storm damage, paint that needs to be updated, cracks or gaps that need filled, or any other issues that need to be addressed.

Does Your Storefront Need a Facelift?

Does your door need new hinges, tightened up, or updated to a modern look? Replacing an entryway door will add character and create an inviting atmosphere for your clients. If you do not want to replace your door, consider updating it with a fresh coat of paint. Additionally, outdoor lighting can enhance the appearance of your building and also create a safer environment for your clients. Changing out a few light fixtures here and there can really create a whole new feel.

Is Your Exterior Clean?

Your clients would never tolerate a dirty environment inside, so shouldn’t you hold your exterior to the same standards? There should never be any litter outside of your business, and you should keep the building’s facade as clean as possible. Pressure washing is an efficient way to remove dirt, mold, grease, and grime.

If you’re ready to make the outside of your Indianapolis business truly shine, contact Hearn Construction today at (765) 452-2669. We’re Indiana’s experts in commercial, residential, and industrial contracting.