Is your restaurant in need of renovation? Maybe your layout needs a refresh or you’re ready to expand. Whatever the reason, a restaurant renovation can be a big project with many factors to consider. Here are five tips from the team at Hearn Construction, Inc. to help get you started.

5 Tips for Your Restaurant Renovation

1. Choose Your Theme

Before you get started on the job, you’ll want to decide on the theme or overall vibe of your restaurant. Something that sets your place apart from everywhere else. This will help give the designers a jumping-off point to begin creating your atmosphere.

2. Create an Entrance

It is always the case that you want an eye-catching entrance to your place of business, but this is especially true if your restaurant is located in an area with high foot traffic. The outside of your restaurant is the first thing potential patrons will see. You’ll want it to be as grand, fun, or exciting as possible to draw in a crowd.

3. Set the Layout

The layout of your restaurant may very well be the most important aspect to success next to the food. Tables, additional seating, waiting areas, bars, and restrooms need to be laid out in a practical way. This will ensure that your customers have an easier time navigating, and your employees will be better able to serve your guests.

4. Make it Comfortable

You’ve gotten people inside, but are they comfortable enough to stay? Something owners often forget about when planning their restaurant renovation is the HVAC system. That’s the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. You want people’s minds to be on how good the food tastes and how enjoyable the atmosphere is, and not whether they are too hot or too cold.

5. Expand Outside

Are you ready to expand your restaurant and allow for more seating? An outdoor patio may be the perfect solution. Many people love enjoying a meal outside when the weather is just right. On top of that, if positioned right, being able to see and smell your food while walking by just adds to the list of reasons to venture inside for a meal.

If you found these tips helpful and are ready to begin renovations on your restaurant, contact Hearn Construction, Inc. today at (765) 452-2669. Our team serves the Kokomo community as well as others throughout Indiana, and we have the experience in commercial construction to get your restaurant set up for success.