As businesses welcome a new year of fresh opportunities, it’s essential that employers focus on giving their employees the best rewards they can. Keeping up with the ever-evolving strategies around employee perks is critical when looking for ways to attract top talent and retain your current staff. With novel resources integrated into workplaces daily, organizations must think outside traditional incentives. Hearn Construction, Inc. is here to help by sharing some of the best employee perks in 2023.

5 Best Employee Perks in 2023

1. Flexible Working Options 

The workplace is changing, and businesses of all sizes are now embracing flexible working options for their employees. With the freedom to choose where and when they can work, today’s workers can enjoy a better work-life balance that promotes both productivity and well-being. Some employers provide money toward home office purchases to assist employees when they need to work remotely. Other companies invest in commercial construction to design workspaces that induce comfort and productivity. 

2. Paid Time Off 

Employees with paid time off for vacation, illness, and mental health breaks can use those days to improve their quality of life. Vacation days allow employees to enjoy leisure activities and travel without taking unpaid leave. Sick leave allows them to care for themselves or their family if they become ill, and mental health breaks provide a much-needed work-life balance. All these forms of time off contribute positively toward an individual’s physical and mental well-being, which benefits employees and businesses alike. 

3. Student Loan Repayment Plans 

Providing student loan repayment benefits is an attractive incentive for employers looking to recruit and retain quality talent as college tuition costs continue to rise. Many employers are beginning to offer assistance with direct payments toward employee student loans or contribution plans that help employees reduce the principal balance quicker and get tax deductions. While levels of support vary, providing this kind of financial aid can help talented individuals overcome financial burdens associated with college and focus on the job instead.

4. Wellness Programs 

For many people wanting to be healthier, the costs associated with eating better and exercising can become a barrier. Wellness programs improve employee health and provide discounted services. These services include access to gyms and other fitness activities at reduced rates so employees can get active without it breaking the bank. Businesses can also invest in office renovations to create onsite gyms and workout rooms. Finally, some employers also offer discounts on healthy food choices. Combining physical and nutritional elements gives employees the tools they need to lead healthier lifestyles without going over their budget. 

5. Health Insurance 

Health insurance is an essential commodity in today’s job market. With increasing hospital bills and the rising cost of medical treatments, healthcare coverage can significantly affect how much out-of-pocket expenses you may face. It makes sense then that many employees view health insurance as essential to them as their wages. Good healthcare coverage provides peace of mind.

Commercial Construction and Office Redesign

We’ve explored several unique options employers offer their employees to create a better work-life balance, and they can all be tailored to meet the needs of businesses, big or small. With so many inventive benefits available today, there is no limit on what companies can do to reward their employees. If you decide an office design and build project is the way to go, contact Contact Hearn Construction. Call (765) 452-2669 for renovations & construction services in Fort Wayne or Indianapolis, or request an estimate online today!