Is your medical office looking a little outdated? Do you feel like your patients aren’t as comfortable as they should be? If you’re looking around your space and feeling like some updates are due, look no further than Hearn Construction, Inc. to get the job done. Our commercial contractors take great pride in quality craftsmanship, and we are dedicated to delivering the highest level of customer service to all of our customers. Read on for a few update ideas to get you inspired for your project.

Updating Medical Offices

1. Create a Cozy Waiting Area

Try as you might to minimize patient waiting times, the fact is that they will be spending time in your waiting area. Thus, you want it to be as comfortable as possible. Start by updating the carpets and chairs. Look for soft fabrics in relaxing colors and arrange them in a way that creates an open space to accommodate family members or caregivers. Also, consider offering free Wi-Fi so your patients are able to go online for work or play while waiting – it will make their wait seem shorter!

2. Maximize Exam Room Comfort

A trip to the doctor can often make people feel anxious, and uncomfortable exam rooms full of charts and information can make it worse. Carry your calming waiting room design through to the exam room by using the same relaxing colors and soft fabrics. Swap harsh lighting with bulbs designed to emit a softer glow, and provide comfortable chairs for family members to wait. Finally, consider adding photographs or paintings of natural scenes so your patients aren’t overwhelmed with medical information.

3. Prioritize Safety and Privacy

When planning your exam room and hallway layout, think not only about your patients, but also about who might be accompanying them on their appointments. Hallways and exam rooms should never be crowded with tools or equipment, and these areas must be designed to accommodate all ages and physical abilities. To facilitate safety, develop a logical storage system for examination areas, the lab, and any imaging facilities you have. Finally, protect patient privacy by designing exam rooms and reception areas to allow information to be discussed without being overheard.

When you’re ready to update your medical office, consider Hearn Construction. You can also trust us to handle your kitchen remodels, basement finishing, and room additions, as we do more than just commercial remodeling. To speak with one of the most trusted and experienced contractors in the Indianapolis area, contact us today at (765) 452-2669.