If you’re a business owner with a warehouse, it’s possible that workspace has gone unnoticed and is in need of some attention. Maybe you need to update your racking system or you’re in need of more space to handle more orders. Whatever your reason, Hearn Construction, Inc. is here to help you ensure operations are productive and renovations stay on schedule so you’re able to upgrade with minimal disruption. Read on for a list of tips to remember when renovating your warehouse.

Warehouse Renovations

1. Efficient Inventory Count

During any type of renovations, things can get hectic. We recommend getting a system in place for tracking your inventory before you begin renovations so things don’t get lost in the shuffle. Keep in mind that regular search times may increase during renovations because products may be stored in different places. Getting a system in place will help employees stay on schedule.

2. Keep It Up to Code

Safety is paramount in any warehouse to protect the general welfare and health of the occupants. During your renovation, you’ll need to be sure you still are adhering to all local building, fire, and safety codes so you don’t put your employees in danger. Watch out for things like boxes stacked too high which can prevent sprinklers from being effective, faulty ventilation systems, or accumulation of garbage or debris.

3. Back to Basics

During the chaos of a renovation, employees may become disorganized or confused which can lead to them not following old safety practices. So before beginning construction, consider a refresher course on safety practices already in place. That way, managers can be extra vigilant to ensure that renovations do not get in the way of employee safety.

At Hearn Construction, we’ve completed countless warehouse renovations across north central Indiana. So whether you need to remodel your whole warehouse, your shipping and receiving area, or just need a few more sinks added to meet OSHA requirements, we’ve got you covered. Contact us today at (765) 452-2669.