Years ago, the move to a senior living facility was made primarily due to need. Typically, a health crisis forced the issue. However, recently, active older adults are making the move to senior living communities as a lifestyle choice, so they can take advantage of the services, amenities, and opportunities available, and have access to health services before they need them. At Hearn Construction, Inc., we have experience in working with senior living facilities. And, when a remodel is needed, it will be completed on budget and with safety in mind. Read on to learn some of our favorite tips for planning for a senior living facility remodel.

Tips for Remodeling a Senior Living Facility

1. Survey Current Residents

A great way to find out what your senior living facility needs is to ask its current residents. Residents not only have the best perspectives, they also will appreciate being involved with the construction and renovation process. Consider sending out a survey or having a meeting with staff and residents to ask their opinions, explain how their lives will be affected during construction, and how their lives will improve when the renovations are complete.

2. Consider Adding Technology

A very large part of keeping your residents happy and healthy is providing them with entertainment, as well as a reliable way to communicate with their families outside the facility. Many facilities have added upgrades such as a theatre room, a post office, or even an ice cream shop. Similarly, having computers available for residents will encourage them to keep in contact with their families via email or FaceTime. Each of these features can be customized to make them more accessible than a standard feature would be.

3. Focus on Windows

The benefits to maintaining a connection to the outdoors are innumerable. Therefore, because it’s not always possible to spend time outdoors, improving the windows in a senior living facility can enhance the lives of both the staff and the residents. Consider adding more windows or enlarging them where possible, to bring in more natural light and offer views of nature. Additionally, many advances in technology have been made to windows that enhance their abilities to manage heat gain or loss, and thus offer lighting without sacrificing efficiency.

Renovating a facility for the elderly is a serious process that requires planning and coordination with a commercial contractor you can trust. Contact Hearn Construction at (765) 452-2669 or request a quote online. We have proudly served the Indianapolis area since 1990 and we can’t wait to work with you.