Is your Indianapolis office space looking a little drab these days? Even if you don’t work directly with clients, your employees might be struggling to be productive in an inhospitable environment. Office renovations can be exciting, but stressful at the same time. Our team at Hearn Construction knows that you want to invest your remodel dollars wisely, with a construction company that will get the job done quickly so your team isn’t uprooted for long. You may already have a head full of ideas on what to do with your space; however, our team has put together a quick list of trends to consider as you plan.

2020 Office Trends

Emphasize Natural Light

Numerous studies have shown that natural light in a workplace is great for health, performance, and productivity of employees. Artificial light, on the other hand, can cause eye strain and headaches, and affect overall employee mood and motivation. Not only is natural light better for the people in your office, but you will also save in electricity bills from not having to use overhead fluorescent lights as much.

Open Up Your Floor Plan

The old-school cubicles are becoming a thing of the past, with offices moving to an open concept instead. For many of the same reasons open floor plans are popular for homes, they are also desirable for commercial office spaces. Your employees will appreciate not being literally boxed in by a cubicle, and being able to collaborate with their coworkers. The best part is that it works well for any size of office.

Add Comforts of Home

A good employer cares about the comfort level of their employees and doesn’t want to see them rushing out at 5 PM every day. To achieve this, employers break down a workplace into zones, just like a home and its different rooms. There is a break room, a collaboration space, a quiet room to unwind or gather your ideas, a massive kitchen or cafeteria, etc. This way, an employee doesn’t feel tied to their desk all day and has the freedom to move around as needed.

An office remodel doesn’t have to cost a lot to incorporate productivity-increasing trends. Contact Hearn Construction Inc. today at (765) 452-2669 for a free quote on any office remodeling or construction project.