Due to their high stability and strength, steel buildings are a popular choice in pre-engineered buildings (or prefab buildings). Steel buildings come in a variety of color and design options, and can even be customized to meet local building codes. Much of the steel used today contains recycled steel, offering a green alternative in your choice of building materials. And your exterior options when building a steel building aren’t just limited to metal – our commercial contractors can incorporate wood, brick, glass, stone and other materials to create the appearance you desire for the building.

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The Many Uses for Steel Buildings

Low maintenance and durability – two features that are high on the priority list of any property owner thinking about constructing a new building. No matter what the intended use, a steel building will meet both of those criteria. Our contractors have constructed many steel buildings for customers across north central Indiana in all types of industries, such as aviation, recreation, municipal (fire stations, government buildings), agriculture (barns, crop and equipment storage), retail (standalone buildings and shopping centers), office buildings, schools, churches, manufacturing and warehousing – the list goes on and on.

Insulated Panel Systems

For maximum energy efficiency and R-value, we invite you to consider installing an insulated panel system in your steel building. Perfect for use in refrigerated building environments, these wall panels contain expanded polystyrene foam that is bonded to galvanized steel. This design creates a tight fitting seal which also acts as vapor barrier, and is especially important in food processing and cold storage facilities.

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Types of Steel Building Structures

Lean-To Steel Building: Used mainly for additions to existing buildings.
Clear Span Steel Building: Used in buildings needing a large open interior; contains no inner columns.
Modular Frame Steel Building: Contains interior support columns.

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