Constructed primarily from wood, post frame buildings and panelized buildings are another type of pre-engineered building (or prefab building) known for their design flexibility. The exterior, which is often made of steel, comes in a variety of colors for a professional, clean appearance. For architectural interest, other materials can also be used on the exterior – popular choices are wood, brick, glass and stone. No matter which floor plan and construction style you choose when you partner with Hearn Construction, Inc., post frame buildings come customized to meet your local building codes.

Wick Buildings

Wick Buildings are designed and engineered to be strong, smart and safe. They offer an Energy-Saver Package with wall liners for energy costs during every season.

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Behlen Buildings

The EagleBeam from Behlen Buildings features a curved roof system to create greater stability. The unique curved roof creates a pleasing appearance.

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EPS Buildings

Energy Panel Structures, Inc. (EPS) provides versatile buildings for any industry with a cost effective design and engineered value. EPS also offers a green building solution.

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Hearn Construction, Inc. is an authorized dealer for Wick Buildings. Wick Buildings has been a trusted manufacturer in the construction industry, namely with panelized and post frame buildings, for over 40 years.

We serve both central and northern Indiana with professional post frame building construction services among other commercial construction and home improvement services. Some of the common areas in which our contractors work include Muncie, Lafayette, Kokomo South Bend, Rochester, Noblesville and Indianapolis. For more information, contact us today at (765) 452-2669.

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Residential and Agricultural Buildings

Residential Post Frame Buildings: In addition to commercial and industrial uses, post frame buildings have many residential uses as well – from garages, sheds and workshops to cabins, vacation properties and even primary homes. Need some ideas? Let’s brainstorm together – we’d love to come up with a versatile design that meets all your needs and expectations.

Agricultural Post Frame Buildings: From the small family farm to large agricultural operations, we’ll find you a post frame building design that is both functional and cost efficient. Whether you need to add a livestock barn, equipment or crop storage, horse stables or a multi-use building, a post frame building is a durable choice for your next building construction project.

Commercial and Industrial Buildings

Commercial Post Frame Buildings: If you’re planning a commercial project, let’s meet to discuss your facility needs and see if a post frame building is a viable option. Our experienced contractors know how to quickly and expertly construct these low maintenance structures, allowing your company to get up and running as soon as possible. Popular commercial uses for post frame buildings include aviation, office, retail stores and shopping centers, churches, schools, municipals buildings, recreation facilities and more.

Industrial Post Frame Buildings: Post frame buildings have many applications in the manufacturing and warehousing industries. Flexible interior designs allow space for work areas, offices and product storage.

Types of Post Frame Building Structures

Lean-To Post Frame Buildings: Used mainly for additions to existing buildings.
Clear Span Post Frame Buildings: Used in buildings needing a large open interior; contains no inner columns.
Modular Frame Post Frame Buildings: Contains interior support columns.

Contact Hearn Construction, Inc. at (765) 452-2669 to find out more about your design options in post frame building construction. Other building construction options include steel buildings and prefab buildings.

If you’re not looking to construct a building, you may still have a need that the general contractors at Hearn Construction, Inc. can fill. We do home improvements that include kitchen remodel and bath remodel work, basement finishing, and commercial construction. Contact us today for information about a post frame building or other contractor service that we can provide in Indianapolis and nearby areas.